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Best known for: Bucerias Attorney for Immigration, Real Estate Representation


Services include Immigration applications, renewals, business licenses, etc. English speaking.

  • Immigration
  • Labor Law
  • Real Estate
  • Family Law
  • Consulation & Representation on Real Estate Law

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Michael from New Orleans , LA - February 27, 2014
Mr Santana is a great laywer


Michael Ogden from New Orleans , USA - December 07, 2013
Mr Santana was recommended so highly by local Mexicans living in Bucerias that I felt there was no better choice .


Lynn Zwerdlinger from Denver - January 08, 2013
Was very helpful today!


yudit herdz from israel - November 22, 2011
Hi, Is it true that if i am late to renew my FM2 i loose my statues and return to FM3? is there no fine i can pay and keep my fm2 when i am late to renew it?? thank you very much!!


Tonya from Santa Fe, NM USA - November 18, 2011
I arrive in Mexico Saturday, and must have my FM3 renewed in Bucerias before Friday the 25 November, because I have to fly back to US. Can you do this for me and also for my husband? Please answer early as possible Friday, and tell us how much and what documents we should bring, too. Thanks, Tonya


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