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Address: Inside Mega Commercial Mall, Bucerias 

Phone: 322-180-7393

Hrs of operation: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am-1 pm and 3-5 pm

Category: Best Local Services - Health & Medicine

Price Range: $400 MXP per visit or $1700 MXP for package of 5 visits.

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Reservations: yes

Best known for: Professional Chiropractic care.


American Chiropractic


As you may know, Dr. Brittain and his wife Linda have moved back to the United States for family reasons.  They had been serving this community for 5 years and will be missed. 

With their departure as well as the recommendation and encouragement from Dennis, Dr. Erik Fulfer will be continuing the practice.  He too has been serving the Bay area and has decided to split his time to cover both ends of it equally.


Everyone wants to feel great!  Healthy living starts with looking after yourself first - cartwheels second!

Dr. Erik A. Fulfer obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic from one of the largest chiropractic schools in the U.S.- Life University.

American Chiropractic prides itself in offering an affordable and convenient alternative to chiropractic care to the friends and families of the Bay of Banderas. 

Suffering Needlessly?

> Low Back Pain
> Hip & Llge Pain
> Headaches
> Sciatic
> Joint Pain
> Fibromyalgia
> Numbness Migranes
> Neck Pain
> Carpal Tunnel
> Whiplash

Whether you are here for a day, week or live here full or part time and looking for "Relief," "Corrective" or "Wellness" care then Dr. Fulfer is your solution for quality, affordable chiropractic care.

 The Process 


Consultation - A thorough medical history is taken to determine when and how your condition(s) began. Discovering injuries suffered previously can help determine what is wrong presently.

Examination - Detailed Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurological tests are performed to find the root cause of your condition.  It is important to know all the findings so an accurate type of treatment can be delivered.

X-Ray Analyses - X-rays help guide in determining a corrective care program based on your unique condition(s).

Report of Findings - We will discuss your specific diagnosis and options to take in correcting the cause of your pain and discomfort.  Treatment procedures and their expected outcomes will be explained thoroughly. Also, home self-help techniques will be discussed as well as what and when which type of exercises are to begin


Dr. Fulfer's aim is to deliver a personal approach to your quest for living a healthy, pain-free life. With the understanding that everyone is not created equal when it comes to health and wellness he will listen intently and then recommend the proper path of care.

His treatments are very comfortable without forceful or painful unexpected maneuvers. Most feel an almost immediate relief to their symptoms and especially within the hour.



  • Thank YOU for the great service. My back is wonderfully better (is wonderfully a word?).  I was very concerned about Dr. Brittain leaving, but now, having my back aligned by you, I am very happy - thank you for taking over the practice in Bucerias! I look forward to seeing you again in about a month for another alignment.  Sheryl Novak
  • Hola Erik, Thank you so much for checking in. I actually do feel much better, more in alignment, amazing! My shoulder is still off, forgot to mention that. And I have no problem coming regularly on Wednesday’s to keep this equilibrium going. I’ll be back!  Om, mindy
  • As a designer and visual artist in a fast paced industry, my work life is constantly challenged. Feeling stressed and physically in pain, I arrived for my holiday in Puerto Vallarta in need of major re-alignment and decided to contact Erik Fulfer, DC. Right from our first session, he was totally focused on my physical issues assessing my energy and stress levels with the perfect pressure and his own unique chiropractic skills. I have had many chiropractic treatments in my life and was totally impressed with his service. His professionalism, knowledge and work flexibility was amazing as a visitor to Puerto Vallarta. I would definitely recommend him to others and look forward to my next treatment while staying PV. Jay H, Toronto, Ontario
  • We recently had the opportunity to benefit from the excellent chiropractor services of Dr. Erik Fulfer. For many years, we had known chiropractors and have been treated for different problems by some excellent professionals in Canada. That said, we immediately recognized the technical approach and good manipulation he demonstrates when applying his knowledge to our particular needs.  We were delighted, and even more to the fact we could receive treatment at home and at an affordable cost. We took a package deal of five (5) sessions each, and two weeks later, we felt the results.  We highly recommend Dr. Fulfer for his professionalism and we can say that Erik, as we call him now, will be an integral part of our plans for a better well-being. Hellmuth Bornemann & Huguette Lecuyer

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